News & Current Events: February 12, 2016


Starting today, the “News & Current Events" section will become a weekly report to keep you in the know - bringing you everything including local and global style, economic, politics and lifestyle news plus a bit of humor.  


Valentine’s Day is Sunday, and President Obama with some help from Ellen DeGeneres sent the most romantic Valentine’s message to Michelle Obama - as a comeback to her Valentine’s message.



New York Fashion Week kicked off, this week and while leading up to today I was unable to cover [due to playing doctor to the little one], expect to see updates on the latest beauty and fashion trends. I’m all set with my VIP invites and my Canon PowerShot to capture the best of the fall 2016 collections.

Tadashi Shoji #NYFW FW16



For years their has been a lack of diversity in the fashion industry. And while there's no shortage of  brown skin girls with racist stories, yesterday Maybelline announced model Herieth Paul as their newest global spokesmodel. And why is this such great news, you may ask? Well, that’s because a brown skin girl with a short natural afro is a scarcity when it comes to mainstream beauty campaigns. Now that’s some #BlackGirlMagic!


Last night was the second debate showdown between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, as they battle for the African American votes come Super Tuesday. Super Tuesday is March 1st, 2016; and is the day primaries are held in a variety of states from socially diverse regions of the country, and is the first litmus test as to whether a presidential candidate is nationally electabe.

In the meantime, the next Republican debate is scheduled for Saturday, February 13 on CBS News in South Carolina from 9 P.M to 11 P.M.

Have a great weekend!