Chris Rock Addressed the #OscarSoWhite Controversy with Class


It was glitz, glamour and controversy at the Oscars! Usually on a day after the Oscars I would be covering red carpet winners and losers. But this year there was a bigger story. Last night was the biggest awards show in Hollywood, the 88th Academy Awards hosted by Chris Rock. For the second year in a row no actors of color was nominated and all eyes were on Chris Rock to see how he would handle it. The Oscars unlike any other year, was at a crossroads of politics and entertainment. Chris Rock didn’t waste any time addressing the elephant in the room - the #OscarSoWhite controversy. As he hit the Oscar's stage and after a video montage of the year’s nominated films, Chris Rock immediately addressed the issue of race. “I counted at least 15 black people on that montage. I’m here at the Academy Awards! Otherwise known as the “White People’s Choice Awards,” he joked. “You realize if they nominated hosts I wouldn’t even get this job. You’d be watching Neil Patrick Harris right now.”

With the primaries looking more like a middle school spat than a race for the highest office in the land... The Oscars has become more political than politics itself; and politics more entertaining than the Oscars.  Making his own political statement,Vice President, Joe Biden teamed up with Lady Gaga to stand up for sexual assault survivors. And while Leonardo DiCaprio who took home the biggest award for the night, he used his speech to bring attention to climate change.

Beyond the jokes Chris Rock asked for black actors to get the same opportunities as white actors. Chris Rock was able to keep the spirit of the evening while shedding light on a major issue. “We want opportunity,” Rock said. Last night’s Academy Awards isn’t going to overnight cure all diversity owes, the issue of global warming, or the issue of sexual assault. But they were discussions worth having.

 How did you think Chris Rock did?