The Objectification of Women in Advertising


Today’s post is sponsored by the Women Not Objects. When it comes to gender-equality we still have a long way to go. A long way to go from women being seen as just a collection of body parts, while men are seen as whole people - the sum definition of objectification of women.

It is so commonplace in mainstream media to promote the objectification of women through degrading imageries. Where a woman’s real value is NOT taken into consideration, but rather reducing our sum-value and inhumanely depicting us as objects to be desired, acquired and exploited. A narcissistic way of focusing on women while depersonalizing, dehumanizing and decontextualizing us.

We're not objects - we are your mothers, wives, daughters, friends, sisters, co-workers, bosses, and employers. #womennotojects #ad

Most of the television advertising spots are filled with some beautiful women. However, it is how the women are being or allowing themselves to be exploited that brings the averts into question. You know those commercials [depicted in the video below] that leaves you wondering… What are they promoting? Is it the woman or the product? What does the woman have to do with the product? Or better yet! What does her butt in a thong have to do with selling food?

And I will be sure not to leave out the fact that women do objectify other women - and themselves too. HERE I share a video of the Wendy Williams Show with Alyssa Milano defending women's right to breastfeed in public, a prime example of objectification of women. Wendy the host, admitted to having a problem with mother's breastfeeding in public, because she DOES NOT associate a woman's breast with feeding her child. It is sad that we're bombarded daily with images of women’s body parts and cleavages, yet we frown upon women breastfeeding in public.

It’s time to stop using women as objects, which leads to denying basic human rights - equal pay, or other opportunities of self-sufficiency as one person puts it. We're not objects - we are your mothers, wives, daughters, friends, sisters, co-workers, bosses, and employers. With women's buying power rapidly growing, and more women holding top positions in Corporate America, it means that more marketers are targeting the females. However, as a woman, wife and mom, this is not how women want to be spoken to and it is not how to market or sell products to us.

What are your thoughts on the objectification of women in advertising?