The Editor's Note: My 2016 Word


My word for 2015 was "CAPACITY." A reminder to constantly stretch myself and to never become complacent thinking that I've arrived when there's always something new.  I learned in 2015 to really value myself, and that approach is determined by the level of maturity. Another lesson learned, was that crisis is always a part of the growth process. Crisis is what reveals the true you and moves you from one level to the next.  

How I increased my CAPACITY for 2015

2015 had its share of highs and lows. More lows than I sometimes cared for but I toughed it out. I worked hard to manifest my goals, sometimes on very little sleep. But how many of you know that if your WHY is strong enough the how doesn't matter? The more you believe, trust and dedicate yourself to your dream the more things will work itself out.

The Purposeful Living #planner


2015 was the year I invested in my growth and my business - from courses to workshops, and mentorship. And while my blog is nowhere near being 100,000 page views per month,  I'm proud to say I've worked on some awesome campaigns. Partnering with brands like Target, Pinnacle Vodka, Johnson & Johnson, Always, Macy's, Hornitos Tequila and many more. I've even gotten selective about the campaigns and sponsorships that I accept. I successfully launched my coaching business, and at the end of December I released The Purposeful Living Planner (initially only meant for me) to the public.


"Quality" - the 2016 word

online courses for purpose-driven women.

As you can see I increased my capacity for 2015, and is ready to take on the challenge for 2016. My 2016 word is "QUALITY." Setting a new standard of quality in how I love,  how I work, and how I think and believe. 2016 is the year I choose to step out of the background and let everyone know that I'm here!

And if I might say so myself, I think I'm off to a good start with my new Member's Club otherwise called the "NWC Academy for Purposeful Living". The member's club is an online academy dedicated to help women use their God-given gifts to prosper through personal brand mastery to dominate in their personal and professional lives.

What is your 2016 word?