3 Things Pressing Pause this Tradition-filled Season Reminded Me


The holidays are usually my peak times of year when it comes to my event planning business. And this year is no different! However, the family and I with some help from my friends over at Kia and Horizon Organic, was able to take a brief but well needed break - pressing pause - to enjoy the tradition-filled season. It was certainly a plus that Christmas in NYC [weather-wise] was much like Christmas in the Caribbean. Taking a break to enjoy the tradition-filled season.

Kia outfitted me with their dramatic, elegant and un-apologetically bold 2015 Kia Soul! for the Christmas holidays. We cruised around town in style, indulging in the joys of the season - shopping, lights, laughter, fun and togetherness. The hubs and I fell in-love with the sleeker, more sophisticated 2015 Kia Soul! From the spacious and luxurious interiors to the panoramic sunroof, the mood lighting to the fully loaded advance technology. My friends over at Kia were right... Living rooms certainly do have some competition with the redesigned Kia Soul!

My friends over at Kia were right... Living rooms certainly do have some competition with the 2015 Kia Soul! @Kia #DriveKia #auto

Horizon made it easy for us to actually follow through on going to the movies by gifting us a movie certificate. So the hubs and I along with the little one on Christmas day went to see Concussion Sony’s inspiring new movie starring Will Smith. While most may have seen the Concussion as an agenda movie about pro-football. For me it was a powerful and inspiring story about a bright Nigerian immigrant with much integrity who wanted nothing more than to achieve the American dream.

Checked out Will Smith's new movie #Concussion courtesy of @HorizonOrganic


3 Things Pressing Pause Reminded Me

In life we don’t always know what’s in store - challenges, setbacks and blessings. But there are three things for sure this holiday season reminded me:

  1. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses
  2. It doesn’t take much to make meaningful connections
  3. You have to believe, trust and be dedicated to your dream

How did you press pause from your regular activities to enjoy the tradition-filled season?