Let Your Personal Style Shine, Through Personal Branding


When my personal styling clients book an initial appointment, there is a style profile questionnaire they must complete. On that questionnaire one question I ask is, to list three of their favorite style icons. While I like to know who inspires my client’s style or whose style they would like to mirror. My objective is never to duplicate that celebrity’s style for the client, but merely to use it as a muse to help develop the client’s own personal style.

Yes, the world has no shortage of style icons or muses,  but rather than replicate your favorite style icons, instead get inspired by but not copy. Adapt their style to suit your style rules, body type and lifestyle activities. Remembering that while everyone can wear fashion, style is personal. Style is a personal choice - a self expression of who you are, what you do and what you stand for. How you present yourself to the world [your personal style], is apart of your personal branding.

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Let Your Personal Style Shine Through #PersonalBranding. #style

My style icons are the FLOTUS (Michelle Obama), Victoria Beckham, Marjorie Harvey and of course the infamous Audrey Hepburn. What I admire about these women is that they’re always true to their own personal style. Regardless of their age they’re able to dress to fit who they are and still look their best.

Do they always follow the rules? Of course not! These ladies don’t follow anyone's formula, they know their own guidelines and dress for their body types. But when they break the rules, they do so masterfully. And that is because they first learn the basic guidelines and understand their body shape and proportions, which empowers them to make choices that works best for their personal brand.

You can definitely wear whatever you like, but you may first want to learn your own style rules and gain knowledge that will give you confidence. Confidence that will evolve your wardrobe and break through no matter what you’re wearing… Allowing you to break the rules gracefully while staying true to yourself and your own personal brand.

Who are your style icons?