How To Push Forward When You Feel Stuck


I sat preparing my weekly newsletter (subscribe here) entitled “how to push forward when you feel stuck”, I thought why not expand, go a little further and share on the blog. So here goes…

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.-Albert Einstein

I know many of you feel like you’re not where you would like to be. You feel completely stuck in your life, your career, or in your business. You know there is more yet you’re simply not able to figure it out. The truth! Even the best of us have been there. Stagnant and feeling like you’re standing still in time while everyone is passing you by. But like Albert Einstein said, you can’t keep doing the same things over and over again and expect to get a different result.

You’re probably thinking, I’ll do this when that happens, waiting for the right time to do something different. The problem is, there will never be a right time because life is always happening. Whether it is in your personal life, career or business; your current situation will never change until you do something different. So when you get to that point of stagnation, that’s the time you need to push even harder. Why? Because the test is designed to challenge your weaknesses not your strength.

When you feel stuck: Give your permission to be great! #successtips
When you feel stuck: Give your permission to be great! #successtips

Ain’t nobody going to hit harder than life. And like someone once said, “if you do what is easy your life will be hard, but if you do what is hard your life will be easy.” So today in this moment, give yourself the permission to be great!

4 Ways to push forward when you feel stuck

Here are four ways I push forward when I’m feeling stuck and give myself permission to be great, and you can too.

  1. Be smart enough to realize you need help: If you take a look around you, you’ll realize the people who are having massive success are not doing it on their own. They’re on the fast track because they found savvy women or men, who are making it happen to help guide their path.
  2. Set clear and timely goals: There will never be a right time, and because this is reality, you want to set goals and give yourself deadlines to accomplish them. Every time you accomplish a goal, check it off and set new ones.
  3. Create your own opportunities by thinking outside the box: So how do you create opportunities? Simple! By taking charge and finding ways to make yourself marketable –  be versatile, be hungry, be passionate, become an expert.
  4. Follow-up and follow through: So you’ve been smart enough to get yourself a mentor or coach, you’ve set some goals, and created some opportunities. Now what? Are you following through? Did you put them into action? Just remember, the dream don’t work unless you do.

How do you push forward when you feel stuck?