A Mother's Love: Mo'Nique Gives Heartfelt Advice to a Single Mom


I came across this survival episode of the Dr Oz Show which Mo'Nique co-hosted, and wanted to share this inspiring display of a mother's love and courage. A mother during a time of great struggle, displayed strength and passion while making the ultimate sacrifice. Athea, a single mother who works as an Administrator, recently applied for promotion at her job. Her aim is to change her life and pull her family out of poverty. And in doing so, she made a really hard decision to send her three kids (13, 11 and 9 years) to live with her ex-husband in Oklahoma. This mother is heartbroken and is having a difficult time dealing with the fact that her kids are gone, and wanted Monique’s input on how to cope with it.

A mother sacrificing her happiness for  the happiness of her kids, is by far the truest type of love.

Listen to the great advice that Monique gave this single mother trying to get a promotion to bring her family out of poverty.

How would you as a mother deal with making the ultimate sacrifice?