Halloween Tips to Help Keep Your Little Ghouls Safe


Halloween is just about here, which means if you haven’t already, you’re probably hustling to get your little one a decent costume. Just remember no one ever said you have to spend money for a costume. Everything you need might just be laying around the house. Just stretch your creative muscle a bit to come up with a DIY Halloween costume. So, as your ghouls get ready to head out trick-or-treating, here are a few tips to help keep them safe and ensure Halloween is a treat for everyone and not a sour trick.

Safety tips to snsure that this Halloween is a fun treat and not a sour trick. #trickortreat

Halloween Safety Tips

  • Assuming your kids are old enough, sit down and plan out a safe route with them and set a curfew time.

  • You may also want to ensure they’ll be going out in a group, reminding them not to enter stranger’s homes and stay in familiar areas.

  • Our children are usually out trick-or-treating after hours, so to help keep them safe, provide them with glow sticks or flashlights. Better yet add reflective strips to their costumes to make it easier for them to be seen in the dark.

  • As shared here, because food allergies are becoming more prevalent, instruct your kids not to eat candies before they get home so you can check them for allergens.

  • Use nontoxic face paint to complete your child’s costume instead of a masks that can obstruct their vision.

  • Avoid or remove sharp objects or costume accessories unless made of flexible materials. You may also want to check to ensure costume material is flame-retardant.

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What will your little one be for Halloween this year?