Ashley Stewart #ASGives Limited Edition Collection in Support of Breast Cancer


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease, pushing the need to be proactive with breast and ovarian health. But while us females are aware of breast cancer, many of us forget to take the necessary steps to detect the disease in its early stages. And because True divas fight. True divas support. True divas help find a cure.  Ashley Stewart of course standing on the premise of uncompromising style, fashion, fit and empowerment for the woman who flaunts her curves, is showing her support.

Ashley Stewart, the brand that every curvy girl should know, is my latest brand crush! The new CEO has pumped some mojo into the Ashley Stewart brand and though I’m not a Plus-Size Diva (just a diva), it’s hard not to pay attention. Ashley [which also happens to be the name of my “It Girl”] is one of the leading eCommerce brands in the plus size market, as well as one of the most socially engaged online community. The ability to build a community around your brand that gives amazing results are priceless. And Ashley Stewart - the neighborhood girl gone global, is doing just that!

True divas fight. True divas support. True divas help find a cure. #ASGives #breastcancerawareness @byAshleyStewart #IAmAshley

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ashley Stewart is fighting breast cancer in true diva style. Ashley Stewart has launched the #ASGives Limited Edition Collection. The collection was designed in support of the American Cancer Society's efforts in the fight against breast cancer. Dedicated to women who love their curves, it is Ashley Stewart’s hope that you will join them and be part of the #ASGives movement to be proactive about your breast and ovarian health.

Support the fight against breast cancer. #ASGives #breascancerawareness #@byAshleyStewart #IAMAshley

Ashley Stewart is proud to support Breast Cancer Month with a limited edition #ASGives collection

Remember being proactive with your breast and ovarian health, is doing your part to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer and detect it in the early stages.