What to do with Your Wedding Flowers


Besides the bride,  floral centerpieces also grabs the guests'  attention. Beautiful fresh flower centerpieces makes your wedding reception appealing, and can also get very expensive. This cost can be, give or take about 10 percent of a couple’s budget. But what do you do with all the wedding flowers after the considerable expense, and after the wedding reception is over. wedding flowers - #centerpieces

There are two things to do with your wedding flowers after the evening is over, aside from throwing them out.

  1. Gift them to your guests: Take it from me, your guests will jump at the chance to take home one of your beautiful arrangements. The only problem you’ll have is keeping them from fighting over the arrangements. But you can ask me my solution for that.
  2. Preserve by either air or chemically drying: the preservation can be done either by your florists or you can opt to DIY. Hang upside down to air dry in a cool dry area  for for three to four weeks.You can also press between wax paper for a week, spray with sealant spray or use silica gel.

What did you do with your wedding flowers?