Tea University with John Cheatham, Dinner with Pure Leaf Tea Pairings

Poached Chicken breast Sauteed Bok Choy , Honey-roasted Carrots and Buckwheat Soba Noodles paired with @PureLeaf Not Too Sweer Honey Green #Tea. #tearecipe #realleaf #RealLeafBrewed

Poached Chicken breast Sauteed Bok Choy , Honey-roasted Carrots and Buckwheat Soba Noodles paired with @PureLeaf Not Too Sweer Honey Green #Tea. #tearecipe #realleaf #RealLeafBrewed

I've always been a lover of tea, well more cold than hot. So when I received an exclusive invitation from MODE to attend the Pure Leaf™ Tea event earlier this week, I didn't hesitate. The event was held at the fabulous Haven's Kitchen in NYC, where I had a delightful evening learning about teas and the Pure Leaf™ brewing process.The event, “Tea University”  with world-renowned tea master John Cheatham, featured a delicious culinary meal and fabulous tea pairings as well as other fun activities and prizes for the exclusively invited guests to enjoy. John Cheatham shared a bit of history and his love of leaves. As much tea as I drink, I didn't realize how much goes into making tea, especially the Pure Leaf™ Teas.

Pure Leaf™ Fresh brewed Iced Tea is made from the finest ingredients available, grown on Tea Estates around the globe. This all natural iced tea begins with the freshest tea leaves picked at their peak and blended by the pure Leaf Tea Masters to ensure consistency and a distinct smooth flavor. And while we're on the topic of consistency, did you know that they use at least seven different kinds of leaves for their blend and the water used is filtered six times over?

As an event and wedding planner, I couldn't help but notice the effort put into creating the uniquely branded event with details on theme with the brand's tagline - "for the love of leaves." From the escort cards which were tea leaves with each invited guest's name written on them, to the DIY flower vase made from the Pure Leaf™ bottle with the tops cut off. The hubs and I had the pleasure of sitting at table number two, where we got a chance to chat up and network with Pure Leaf™ and Mode representatives. Also in attendance was blogger boos, Ty Alexander of Gorgeous in Grey and Metanoya Webb from Globetrotting Stiletto.

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It was a beautiful Tuesday evening full of knowledge, inspiration, socializing, tea and great food! The Tea Marinated Grilled Salmon with gingery Asian greens and cucumber salad paired with Pure Leaf Lemon Iced Tea, was my favorite. The poached chicken breast was also pretty good. I can't wait to try the custom recipes from the mini recipe booklet, and the chance to use the Pure Leaf™ cutting board and drinking glass I won.

Use the hashtag #RealLeafBrewed to view more event pics, tips and recipes.

Have you ever tried Pure Leaf Teas?