Frequently Revisit the Why and Goals


The layered life of being a MOM IN HEELS as well as a SHE BOSS is achievable... and can be richly rewarding. But if you're not deeply rooted in a strong sense of self, your life can quickly become a roller-coaster ride which leaves you all burnt out. And so, as the summer comes to a close, I realize how important it is to always revisit the WHY and Goals.  Because while I enjoy the summer months [as it is the peak of the wedding season], and is anticipating fall, I had a few things on my summer bucket list that I didn't even come close to achieving. In an effort to take my life back and not just let life happen to me, I decided to take some much needed ME TIME. We all need these moments of solidarity, as our cluttered lives has a tendency of pulling us in different directions. To make up for not getting any vacation rights this summer, I carved out some time for a one day staycation. I was going to intentionally, for one day, have a love affair with myself. Indulging in my favorite treats, a good book (pictured book), a bottle of wine, and some great movies.

Retreating to revisit the WHY and GOAls can be so empowering. #purpose #dreams #savingsummer #goalsetting #chocolatecoveredstrawberries

I was gifted the delicious Shari's Berries Gourmet Dipped Fancy Strawberries pictured from ProFlowers, where the gift of living color, fresh from the fields, are always in bloom!


A Tryst with Self Can be Very Rewarding

While the oldest was away with friends I sent the hubs off with the little one, in order to get some much needed moments of solitude. There's something so rejuvenating and empowering about retreating, reflecting and reconnecting with one's inner self. Just a little bit of time to yourself, can so greatly improve your state of mind and accelerate your results.

While on this little tryst with myself, I realized I was loosing focus of and needed to revisit my why and goals. The FREEDOM to enjoy and positively impact people's lives, as well as INVEST more time with my kids while creating an income to afford these simple luxuries. My company Nicole Williams Collective combines everything I’m passionate about - beauty, fashion, weddings, lifestyle and branding. But most importantly, helping others to tell their powerful story. However, somehow I needed to have more time for my kids. The very reason I started my business in the first place. It was time to revisit the why and goals, and let them transform me to LIVE IN MY PURPOSE. It was time to refocus my attention!

The perfect ally when revisiting the WHY and Goals. #dreams #goalsetting #savingsummer #chocolate covered strawberries

I'm proud to say, today I’ve created a new work day schedule, revised a few of my processes to yield more time with the little one. Regardless of whether you're a 9-to-5er or your own boss, taking some time to revisit the why and the goals can prove to be very fruitful. So while you’re certainly excited for fall and the holiday season to arrive, take what's left of the summer to reflect. Reconnect with yourself, the why and the goals. Maybe even treat yourself to a gift of living color, fresh from ProFlowers, where summer flowers are always in bloom. And don't forget to use one of these coupons to save big.

How do you you stay deeply rooted in self? And do you frequently revisit the WHY and goals?