6 Essentials That I Can’t Leave Home Without & You Shouldn’t Either


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Everyone has certain items that they can't leave home without. The little essentials - whether at work or in life - that are sure to get you through the day.

Besides being the editor of this blog, I'm also a work at home mom (WAHM), as well as a wedding and event planner. I love what I do! I have the pleasure of planning and managing one of the most important days of a couple's life. As a certified wedding professional, my emergency kit is everything to me. I have to arm myself with key essentials and must-have on the go emergency items that will ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible.

My emergency kit also has certain essentials that every girl should have in her bag, from panty liners for extra protection to the perfect shade of red lipstick. Being unprepared could turn your day into a complete nightmare. But because you don't need to travel around with your bag looking like my emergency kit, I'll boil down the essentials to the basics.

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The 6 Essentials I Can’t Leave Home Without

Here are the 6 essentials that I can't leave home without and every woman really needs in her bag, instead of the other extras taking up unnecessary space.

Panty Liners: Always Xtra Protection Liners are a must-have in both my bag and my planner emergency kit. They're a winner because of the superior protection that keeps you feeling shower fresh all day. Always Xtra Protection Liners keep you 5X drier, absorbing leaks and odors in seconds, with edge-to-edge adhesive that keeps it comfortable in place all day. Whether used on light days, to backup your tampons, or just for urine leak protection - Always Xtra Protection Liners are the feminine sidekick you can trust!

Always Xtra Protection Liners: for superior protection that keeps you feeling shower fresh all day. #whatsalwaysonme #personalcare #alwaysliners

Mobile Phone: My cell makes it easy to connect on the go - from phone calls to texts, emails to surfing the web, and helps me capture beautiful images and selfies.

Portable Charger: As fast charging as my adaptive charger is, there isn't always an outlet to connect to when my battery runs low. So this is where my power bank of a portable charger comes in.

Breath Freshener: I get fresh breath fast with my peppermint mint drops that instantly eliminate bad breath germs and freshen breath after eating or drinking.

Business Card Holder: As a boss, my business card is an important tool for marketing and is critical to helping me make a first impression. And because my calling card is a reflection of me, I carry and protect them in a chic stainless steel cardholder.

Lip color: Of course a lady isn’t fully dressed until her pout is! A bit of lip color goes a long way and is an instant confidence booster.

These are the basic 6 essentials that I can’t leave home without and you shouldn’t either!

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What are the basic essentials that you can’t leave home without?