Wishes Come True + Engagement Photos


Every now and then I usually like to share the love story of one of the beautiful couples I’m helping to plan their wedding. Asly and Barbeth’s love story is like one of the Disney stories. ♥ Photos by Adorable Times Photography Asly met his true love, Barbeth, in 2002 as sophomores at South Shore High School and neighborhood friends on the block in Brooklyn. The two became enamored with each other and on April 24, 2008 they welcomed their first child - Aubrey. But in 2012 and at the tender age of four, Aubrey was diagnosed with leukemia. This was devastating for Barbeth and Asly. They had to watch their daughter fight the ultimate fight. The experience brought their families together and their love flourished even more.

As sophomores at South Shore High School in Brooklyn and the two became enamored with each other. #weddingplanning #love #marriage

On Aubrey's sixth birthday she was surprised with her "make a wish" wish to visit Disney World.  However, Asly was going to make both his ladies wishes come true, as he was also going to ask Barbeth to marry him during their family getaway. But with all the planning, he almost wasn’t able to propose the way he wanted. On the day of Aubrey's birthday, all their family and close friends visited the Magic Kingdom, after which they had a difficult time convincing Barbeth it was time to leave this magical place.

Unbeknownst to Barbeth, Asly was planning to propose during Aubrey’s birthday celebration dinner. At the end of the dinner he got up to thank their family and friends for helping to make this time possible for Aubrey - but then got on bended knee and popped the question. Barbeth was surprised and Asly had accomplished making both his ladies wishes come true.

...making wishes come true. #love #marriage #weddingplanning

As their planner, I look forward to the emotional moment when this couple take their first look, the moments before they exchange vows.

How did he or how would you like him to make your wishes come true?