Tips To Help Plan The Perfect Destination Wedding


As the resident authority on weddings at Nicole Williams Collective, I combine personal style, tradition, the latest trends and etiquette guidelines to help my couples celebrate their unique love stories. One of the services I also offer is destination wedding planning. So for those of you planning or thinking  about a destination wedding here are some tips to plan the perfect destination wedding for you.

First things first! When thinking about a destination wedding you will need to do your research to find out what each country's legalities are, as some countries has varying residency requirements for weddings. For example, you need to be in Turks and Caicos 24 hours, England seven (7) days, and France require 40 days before you can legally get married; while in some countries there are different types of people who can legally marry you, and some only do civil ceremonies.

When it comes to destination weddings, some countries has varying residency requirements for weddings. #destinationwedding #weddings #weddingplanning #weddingplanner

Secondly, if you are opting for a destination wedding thinking it will be the budget option, you may be sadly mistaken. That is unless you're just sticking with the basic package. The destination of choice will be a major deciding factor when it comes to your budget... And while food and beverage may be less expensive, by the time you add up all your personalized details required to pull off the wedding plus the other expenses, it can get much more expensive than if you booked a venue at home.

Speaking of personalizing your wedding. The destination of your choice will strongly determine the mood (rustic, sophisticated, beachy) of your wedding. When designing your wedding the elements along with the location, activities and overall vibe is how you show off your personal style. When it comes to your wedding size for a destination wedding, I say go with what makes you comfortable. Destination weddings also tend to get less RSVPs (which can help to keep your guest count low, but is not always the case) as most are not able to afford the added cost for hotel and travel.

The destination you pick for your wedding will strongly determine the mood (rustic, sophisticated, beachy) of your #wedding. #weddingplanning #destinationwedding #weddingplanner

The best weather for destination weddings tend to correspond with tourist season,  which means more crowds, less hotel or venue availabilities, and higher rates. So your best bet (outside of the off-season) is to reserve venues and hotel blocks immediately. This is where your save-the-dates come in, as you'll need to notify your guests about 10 to 12 months in advance so they can start making arrangements.

For those of you who think a planning a destination wedding means forgoing a planner, be ye warned! You will still need to entrust the wedding management into a professional's capable hands. Just think of your planner as your little helper who shoulders the stress of researching and securing local vendors, dealing with logistics and putting out all the unexpected fires. Your planner will also help with creating gift for guests, greeting and keeping guests busy with fun activities, and getting everyone where they need to be in a timely manner.

Be ye warned! Wehn planning a destination wedding you'll still need to entrust the wedding management into a professional's capable hands. #weddingplanner #wedding design #weddingplanning #destinationwedding

You have the option of going with a local planner for about 10 to 15 % of your budget; or book a planner from your home country at a flat rate plus travel. So if you have an upcoming wedding or event for that matter, let Nicole Williams Collective events division be your style and trend expert.

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