Your Failures Do Not Dictate Your Future

Your failures do not dictate your future. By frequently renewing your vision, you'll realize that when you feel lacking, you do not need new things, just new eyes!

It has been a while since I’ve been real candid with you and I figure since it is my birthday week, I would peel back the curtains in hopes of encouraging someone. The last time I went behind the scenes, I shared with you how I created a full time income blogging. Earlier this week I encouraged you to live what you love, and today I want to remind you that your failures do not dictate your future.

I was having a conversation with my girlfriend, and as we shared our wins and losses, we realized that our failures do not dictate our future. It’s funny how hard we can be on ourselves, especially when we see other people making it look so easy. We get so caught up comparing our page 2 to someone else's page 10, that we overlook our own accomplishments. This made me think of all of you who are feeling the pressures of success. Whether you are feeling the pressure of having a pretty brand online, thousands of page views or social media following, and even the pressure of not having it together financially.

Always remember your failures do not dictate your future. #liveyourtruth

I too felt that pressure, but as I shared here, once I figured out what success meant to me and started doing things on my own terms - it got easier. Trust me! I’ve had my share of struggles and still do, however it is those failures that gives us wisdom. So when you feel lacking, I want you to remember that you don’t need new things, just a new way of seeing.

I started Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge in 2012 as an outlet of self-expression. The vehicle of self-expression then became the cornerstone of my freelance business, which pay the bills [or at least some of them]. I have not yet made it, but because I frequently renew my vision, today that outlet of self-expression is a major part of full fledged company. It has not been easy, just the result of a combination of sacrifices, determination, lots of sweat and tears.

When you frequently renew your eyes, you quickly realize that your failures do not dictate your future. #liveyourtruth

Along the way I experienced the highs and lows of both the 9 to 5 and entrepreneurship, having partners and being a solopreneur, as well as having money and not having money. Through it all, I learned some very valuable lessons. Most of all I learned to stay true to myself, not bite off more than I can chew, and to be careful the invitations in life that I accept.

Take a minute and share below, one accomplishment [big or small] you have had this week.