Live What You Love!


Today is my birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I don’t know about you but every year when my birthday approaches I tend to find myself (more so than normal) reflecting on my goals, dreams, and ambitions.

 "True success is measured by the number of lives you have touched!" -Nicole Melissa

I am Nicole Williams and I’m an event and marketing communications consultant based in Brooklyn, New York. Marketing is the underlined passion that cohesively binds all my gifts and talents. I am a multi-passionate creative and hopeless romantic who also loves being a mom. I live what I love and spend hours constantly expanding my thinking and knowledge.

A multi-passionate #creative, hopeless romantic, and wife who also loves being a #mom. #livethelifeyoulove

I lead the life of an entrepreneur, so my daily grind involves staying up late burning the midnight oil, rising early and spending most of my time glued to my computer. Business is no different from life - for every successful achievement, you are faced with the challenge to grow and adjust outside of your comfort zone. Like I frequently tell my clients, to be great at anything passion alone is not enough! To be great takes being intentional, a significant amount of commitment, effort, hard work and surrounding yourself with like minded individuals pulling you towards your goals.

My #promQueen. #livethelifeyoulove #mommyblogger #weddingplanner #brandstrtegist

This journey called life is not all a bed of roses, but I learned if I am to serve my purpose then my story is not just about me. So I am always looking for ways to improve and expand. I still have much to learn in this life, but I’ve also gathered a bit of tried and true wisdom. And as a result I’ve gotten more focused about pouring into and becoming that shortcut in the lives of others. Why? Because someone once told me that true success is measured by the number of lives you have touched. Hence my message to you today on my birthday; you don’t have to be perfect to get started, but you have to get started to be perfect!