Generation One: Creating and Sustaining Generational Wealth


This post is part of Generation One Blog Tour which I am excited to be a part of along with many other inspiring bloggers, in an effort to educate families on the importance of creating and sustaining generational wealth.

If you want to go someplace you’ve never been, one has to educate one’s self about all their options and then create a road map that is best for them. The old quote applies, people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. Financial security and wealth building are both a destination and a journey, and the planning is not always fun. However, those who do never regret it.

Wealth is freedom that presents opportunities; it is the culmination of your hard work, discipline, and astute financial management. When it comes to planning your financial future, the best time to start is always now. A sustainable generational wealth plan requires strategic, integrated and comprehensive planning - which includes the foundation blocks  of insurance, investments, business and trust structures, a tax plan, and a retirement and or an estate plan working cohesively together.

Only one thing stands between you and the generational wealth you seek... #generationaone #wealthbuilding #fiancialplanning #personalfinance
Only one thing stands between you and the generational wealth you seek... #generationaone #wealthbuilding #fiancialplanning #personalfinance

A comprehensive wealth plan should simplify your financial reality by creating a strategy that involves and addresses all areas of your personal, family and business life to have a financial impact. This is done by working with a single financial expert who has access to or will work with your accountant or CPA, lawyer, insurance and estate planning professionals to achieve your retirement and legacy goals.

A Blueprint to Building a Legacy of  Wealth

Only one thing stands between you and the generational wealth you seek to create, solid information to develop a proven, time-tested plan. You do not have to be wealthy to generate wealth, as there are no secrets. In the movie Generational One which will launch on July 14, co-founders of Black and Married With Kids: A Positive Image of Black Marriage Lamar and Ronnie Tyler draws on and take a hard look at the numbers, giving historical context to early wealth creation in the Black community, tapping into the expertise of the nation’s top financial experts to reveal practical approaches and surefire ways that ordinary people can use to create lasting financial legacies.

So unless you've created at least three generations of wealth this film and corresponding materials are for you. Change your life and the lives that come after you!

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler will kick off the debut of #GenerationOne with a live screening in a city near you:

Atlanta – Wednesday July 15

DC – Thursday July 16

Chicago – Saturday  July 18

More Cities TBA

*National Wealth Discussion via Social Media July 18th using #GenerationOne*

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler are co-founders of They wrote and directed Generation One to give African American families the tools and strategies they need to begin building wealth for their families TODAY. The Tylers know this film has the power to change lives. You can grab your copy and get the latest updates HERE.

What steps are you taking to create generational wealth for your family?