The 30 Day Walking Challenge: 30 Days to 10,000 Steps


Tell me if this sounds familiar? We say we are going to get the body right for swimsuit season.  So we go out and get a gym membership, put the payments on automatic, keep up with the unhealthy habits, and every time we pass the gym we say tomorrow. Then swimsuit season rolls around and we never even got started. As millennial moms the list of things we have to do never ends - from playing the role of mommy and homemaker, to doctor and counselor, to personal shopper and financial planner, to chef and nutritionist. We take care of everyone constantly saying no to ourselves. And before we know it we have gained a few extra pounds here and there. OK, OK! A lot of pounds!

I know my body isn’t what it used to be. And  while I know I wouldn’t fit into that size 2 dress again, who says I can’t walk my way into a healthier happier lifestyle. In an effort to get my fitness back on track, I have been incorporating some activities with the little one. In fact, I have been adding some walking into my days, as the first steps [no pun intended] to improving my health.

Walking is the simplest yet most effective form of exercise. Not only can you walk off weight, but you can also reduce your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and many other health conditions.

  Getting fit, one step at a time by walking in 30 days 10000 steps. The eventual goal is to get up to 10K minimum of 10,00 step per day. #fitness #exercise #walkingchallenge #fitnesschaellenge

30 Days to 10000 Steps

With that said we will be incorporating a simple routine that you can build on, to make you stronger and fitter at your own pace. I am proposing that you GET MOVING with The 30 Day Walking Challenge: Getting fit, one step at a time by walking 10,000 steps in 30 days. The eventual goal is to get up to 10K minimum steps per day.

To help you keep motivated and stay on top of your progress towards your goal of 30 days to 10000 steps, you can either

  1. Download a pedometer app on your Android of iPhone, or
  2. Purchase a Pedometer Watch or Fitness Tracker or
  3. Download this printable 30 Day Walking Challenge tracker

As a bonus here is a Free printable Daily food diary tracker.

Yep! Let's sweat a little by parking further, taking the stairs, or taking a break to run around outdoors with the little ones.

If you will be taking the challenge and want some support to help you achieve your goal of 10,000 steps by day 30. Simply join Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge on Facebook to support each other, talk about your experiences, ask questions, or share weight management and sports nutrition to help achieve optimal health.

Be sure to let me know in the comment area below, how you plan on incorporating extra steps into your day.