Mother’s Day, a Tribute to Motherhood


As we come up on another Mother’s Day, I wanted to take the opportunity to remind you to send a Mother’s Day carda gift, some flowers, make dinner, or at the very least a phone call to the mother figures in your life. Please note that whenever I say mothers, I am being inclusive of biological, adopted and mom figures; because a mom is a mom no matter the route taken, but more importantly for the lessons we teach our children.

Mothers hold their children's hand for  a while, but their hearts forever. #mothersday #motherhood

The Journey of Motherhood

Motherhood comes with no manual or certification, but like me, for you I hope it has been an incredible journey. A journey that by experience I know can be overwhelming at times, struggling to reach our personal goals while being everything to everyone. A virtuous task that can be all consuming – a 24 hours, 7 days a week job, that is all worth it.

Motherhood - an incredible and overwhelming journey, struggling with our personal goals while being everything to everyone. #mothersday #motherhood

We all promised ourselves that parenthood wouldn't be the end of us. But then we found ourselves in uncharted waters; where we try our best and sometimes fail, we laugh and sometimes cry, we lose our tempers and sometimes get wrapped around their little fingers. While motherhood is a blessing, we sometimes find ourselves preoccupied and with the sole purpose of meeting the many needs of our children.

Our self-sacrifice becomes the norm and we lose our identity in being the devoted mothers, then the day comes when the center of our worlds, the person that kept us grounded, our reason for living finally becomes an adult. Then this unfamiliar feeling of being lost overwhelms us, prompting us to revert to our pre-parenting selves. The person we have grown to ignore and frequently dismiss.

#Motherhood - For the friend the support the mom that you are... #mothersday

So while we all can admit that we love our kids, we sometimes as moms are desperately in need of a break. And while being mothers is one of the greatest accomplishment, this post is to encourage you to save at least a little piece of yourself, by remembering to allow yourselves the space to be human.

A mother is like a flower, each beautiful and unique. #mothersday #motherhood

 Happy Mother's Day!