Get Noticed Through Visual Branding


In today's highly social era, a picture is worth a thousand words. VISUAL BRANDING, the ability to communicate your idea, brand essence and value into an image, is a prized skill. We are drawn almost instantly to pictures rather than text, and so visual elements function as a hammer that drives your point or objective home. This is why as an editor and content creator, I like to break up huge chunk of text with visual elements (images, colors, typography) to ATTRACT and KEEP readers attention. Of course content is king, but to get noticed in a sea of sameness, it is wise to include visuals in your content that will help increase engagement and share-ability.

My two year old daughter is learning her alphabets, numbers, as well as associating objects - and it's amazing the emotional power visual elements [images and colors together with words] has on her learning. It is the same effect that combining visual elements and words in branding, have on your audience.

How are you using visual elements to positively communicate your brand?

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