NYFW: MONGOL Fall 2015 Balances Luxury, Comfort and Tradition


New York City is boasting freezing temperatures but the heat is getting turned up over at Lincoln Center with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Day 2 of New York Fashion Week brought us the debut of MONGOL – the electric collection from the Mongolian designer Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu. Bayarmaa is dubbed the Mongol ‘It Girl’ known for her impeccable sense of style and being a citizen of the world. Mongol Fall 2015 show opened in great Mongolian flair, with the sounds of Mongolian music engulfing the room. Mongol Fall 2015 looks

Mongol fall 2015 bring Mongol electricity to Lincoln Center. #NYFW

Mongol Fall 2015 collection showed off the country’s rich culture with an elegant blend of luxury, comfort and tradition – balancing Mongolian costumes with casual urban style. The nomadic looks were completely wearable, and I could totally see the pieces in my closet. The collection included luxe Mongolian lamb fur, cashmere, sequins and embroidered silk, as well as pops of bright greens, purples and pinks. The models also sported signature Mongolian hair accessories, sling bags and thickly lined eyes.

Mongol fall 2015 brings rich heritage to #NYFW

The Mongol collection was sexy enough for the younger woman but confident enough for her more mature counterpart. Though the silhouettes were pretty feminine, the designer threw in a bit of male designs. Mongol brought us a bit of June in February.

What do you think of the Mongol Fall 2015 collection?