Stay Healthy During the Flu Season with Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier


I don’t need to tell you that we are in the flu season, as you are probably surrounded by sick people. My little one has been having a difficult time because she had a dry cough which developed into acute Bronchitis (possible walking Pneumonia). So when Influenster tapped me to try the Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier, I was thrilled – because the pediatrician had just recommended I get a humidifier. Doctors recommend using humidifiers especially when children are sick to help relieve cough and congestion, which soothe and boost your precious little one’s delicate respiratory system. [Tweet "Thank you #VicksCoolMist for sponsoring today’s post! -@labelsbynicole @influenster"]

See the mist, and feel the relief with Vicks Cool Mist humidifier. #vickscoolmist

The Benefits of a Humidifier

If you are a mommy, you know there is nothing worse than having a sick child during the winter months – runny nose, coughing, and the lack of sleep. As per the National Academy of Sciences, the flu germs survive and spread more easily in dry air – which makes the Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier the perfect choice for the winter season. It helps you maintain a humidity level of between 40-60%, enabling easier breathing and reduces the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air. Along with soothing and moisturizing your nasal, throat, and lung passages making it easier for breathing, the Vicks® Cool Mist humidifier can even help reduce your heating cost.

Keep the family healthy during the winter months with Vicks Cool Mist humidifier.  #VicksCoolMist

For those of you who have multiple kids at home and refuse to get the flu shot, the Vicks® Cool Mist humidifier will be your biggest ally in helping to spread the virus from one child to the next. If you are like my husband who gets nose bleeds when the air gets too dry, then you will love the dry air relief you get from this humidifier. The Vicks Cool Mist humidifier is easy clean, has variable humidity control for customized output, leaves a small environmental footprint, operates quietly and gives off a soft glow nightlight.

So along with good health habits, get yourself a Vicks Cool Mist humidifier to help you and your little one stay healthy during the flu season by helping you get better faster, stop the spread of flu germs, and fight off future illnesses.


This post was sponsored by Vicks Cool Mist complimentary of Influenster, all opinion are my own.