Step into Your Power Day 3: Yoga Therapy

Step into Your Power Day 3: Yoga Therapy


As you prepare to #StepIntoYourPower this new year, no matter what your goals are, health and wellness is a prerequisite. Whether you have 10, 20, 30 minutes or 1 hour in your schedule each day, yoga can help not only change your physical but also your mental fitness and capacity. Yoga therapy has become the most sought after way to improve health, aches and pain - as over fifteen million Americans now include yoga in some form in their daily routine. Yoga (which means union, bind or yoke) is the Eastern discipline involving breathing control, practical body postures, and meditation to encourage overall body and mind health. Yoga worldwide has become the symbol of well-being, and help in stress relief and focus.

For the past couple of weeks (though not controlled) I have been experiencing yoga therapy first-hand... So I guess you can now call me a yogini (yogi for a male yoga practitioner). I started scheduling 10 minutes at least three days per week for some at-home yoga stretches, and I am amazed at how much more relaxed and flexible I feel in the short time.Working my way up to those sequences that defy gravity and lead to handstands and headstands [LOL]. However, the more I learn about yoga, the more I am realizing how great the benefits are.


The Benefits of Yoga Therapy

From stress relief, to relaxation, focus, flexibility and strength, see the infographic below for a wide range of yoga benefits.


Yoga offers a wide range of yoga benefits

What was that? What are the requirements? All you need to do yoga is your mind, body and the willingness to learn. There isn't even any age requirement. Anyone can do it! Depending on the length and level of your class, you may want to refrain from eating for at  one to two hours before your session

So now that you've set those goals and created those vision boards, step on to a yoga mat and embrace some yoga therapy, a renewed mind and strength to take on the challenges before you.


What experiences have you had with yoga?

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