#StepIntoYourPower Day 4: Get Your Taxes Done for Free with Absolute Zero


This post was sponsored by TurboTax to help hard working Americans file their taxes for free.

I made a promise to bring help you #StepIntoYourPower by sharing inspiration that will move you closer to living a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. And because it’s officially tax season, we’re going to start thinking about doing your taxes. If you are not one of the 60% of Americans who opt to use a professional to get your income tax done, then you already know that a tax software is the best way to prepare your taxes on your own.

One of the best tax preparation software is TurboTax, which is also part of Intuit. The TurboTax software uses a question-and-answer format to retrieve the required information and assess eligibility for the various tax breaks and deductions. They offer the ability for users to use both a web version and mobile app to prepare and file tax returns. TUrboTax have even made some software updates to allow users to move from one mobile device to the other while doing their tax preparation, with the ability to upload or just take a quick photo of your W2 for easy importing.

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TurboTax has four version of their software the Federal Free Edition, Deluxe at $29.99, Premiere at $49.99, and Home and Business at$74.99. To help me fulfill that promise and save you from having to pay any filing fees to get your taxes done from start to finish. TurboTax is offering an option no one else does - the Absolute Zero. The Absolute Zero is basically the Federal Free Edition with zero hidden costs (see screenshot below). They're helping millions of hard-working Americans [like yourself] file their 1040EZ or 1040A for free using Federal free edition.

Turbotax Absolutely Zero offers what the others does not.

The Absolute Zero Features

The plan features preparing your Federal return at $0, Earned Income Credit (EIC) at $0, and for the first time state prep at $0. In general, you'll qualify to file state and federal taxes at no cost if you:

    • Are a first-time filer,
    • Are a student, or
    • Don't have kids, a house or investments

Of the few tax software, TurboTax offers you the biggest tax refund guaranteed, with 100% accurate calculations, and step by step guidance so you are confident your taxes are done right. No tax knowledge needed!

Get started! And if you get stuck, start a chat with one of their product experts or just upgrade.

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image credit: screenshots from TuboTax website