The Best Days to Shop What Guide


Without a doubt the Christmas season is in the air. Some of you already took advantage of the the Thanksgiving deals, Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials and covered most if not all the people on your Christmas shopping list. Since today is #GivingTuesday, I'm giving you some help to maximize the best deals this shopping season... I'm bringing you a weekly calendar guide to The Best Days to Shop What. [Tweet "A weekly calendar guide to the best days to shop for certain items. @labelsbynicole #shopppingguide"]

And guess what? The Best Days to Shop What Guide, is good all year round! So be sure to bookmark, share this post, then schedule your purchases to yield the best deals, bigger discounts and save some cash.


The best days to shop

Since today is Tuesday why not begin with the best purchases for today. And remember, don't just shop to shop, it makes for a better deal if you were planning on getting it anyway (affiliate links included).



AIRLINE TICKETS: One of the two best days to shop or buy airline tickets is on a Tuesday. The Airlines Reporting Corp, travel experts and jet-setters swear by Tuesday as the best weekday to purchase your airline tickets.

MOVIE TICKETS: Unless you are a Cablevision Triple Play Optimum rewards card holder, which gives you free tickets on Tuesdays for the Clearview Cinemas, people don't usually go to the movies on a Tuesday. So movie theaters typically feature discounted movie tickets on Tuesday nights.

FREE KIDS MEALS: Tuesday (and sometimes Wednesdays) you can find numerous kids-eat-free specials. To find a restaurant near you offering this special, visit

From clothes to airline tickest and groceries, check out the best days to shop what guide.


JEWELRY: Have your eye on that beautiful earrings? Well Wednesdays seems to be the day when you can get the best deals on jewelry. But before you make the trip to the mall, be sure to check your online retailers first.

GROCERIES: Wednesday is one of the best days to shop for groceries, since the circular sales are usually scheduled for the Wednesday or Sunday of the week.



HANDBAGS: Looking for great hand bag discounts? According to hand bag prices are discounted up to 36&% on Thursdays.

CLOTHES: Thursday is a good day to hit the retail stores and boutiques for clothes shopping, as this is the day the weekend sales begin.



GAS: With gas prices so high and people rarely filling up, this one should make you drivers pretty happy. According to, Friday is the best of  two days to fill the gas tank.



OUTERWEAR & LINGERIE: According to's survey, the best day to shop outerwear and lingerie is on a Saturday. Outerwear are usually discounted up to 51% with lingerie up to 37% off.

GAS: The next best day to fill the gas tank is on a Saturday.

DEPARTMENT STORES: With the mass of the population typically free on Saturdays, department stores try to take advantage and so the compete for your attention with special sales.



GROCERIES: If Wednesday wasn't a good day for you, then the next best day to do your grocery shopping is on a Sunday. The weekly deals usually start on a Sunday or Wednesday, so look out for those circulars and save on some food.

AIRLINE TICKETS:  The best days to shop for airline tickets are on a Tuesday and a Sunday, with Sunday yielding the best deals. Maybe the end of the week as something to do with it, as people are usually looking for a quick getaway.

SWIMSUITS: The end of the week is the most likely contributor to the best swimwear deals. Again the retailers are competing for attention knowing that you are likely to hit the pool, beach or resort on a weekend.



ELECTRONICS: In the market for a new TV, computer or tablet? Then a Monday maybe your best bet of getting as much as 10 to 20% discount off the average price for these items, says Ted Nguyen, co-founder of So you might want to hold off on making your electronic purchases until on a Monday, if not try a Tuesday or Thursday.

CARS: Shopping for a new car? Then visit the car dealership on a Monday. Not only will the competition be less but the sales person maybe a little more eager to get the week started quickly and on track to meeting his sales quota, leaving him susceptible to negotiating.


What days do you find are the best days to shop what items?