Super Wings NY: Authentic Caribbean Flavor


There are those days when cooking is just not an option. And when you don't feel like cooking, there is nothing better than some delicious Super Wings. I have had my plate full with consulting clients, blog articles, campaigns to complete and a bubbly 2 year old; hence cooking most of the time is not on my agenda. So I frequently drop in to get some of that tantalizing flavor my taste buds have gotten so accustomed to... the taste of those succulent super wings.

Voted the "Best Wings in Brooklyn," Super Wings NY (if you don't already know) is the answer to the Buffalo Wings... They carry the most unique and one of a kind flavors of wings you've ever tasted. And if you don't believe me, go ask Iron Chef Bobby Flay - who got out cooked on his own show in a Spicy Chicken Wing throw-down. Choose from 14 flavors ranging from mild to spicy including the award winning flavors Trini Tamarind, Ginger Buff and the Pineapple Jerk (my favorite).

Super Wings NY succulent wings

Colette Burnett, the heart and soul behind Super Wings, founded the brand on a wing and a prayer, as she likes to put it. If you meet Colette you would quickly understand why she is such a success - she is a kick-ass entrepreneur who is driven by significance and passion. Unlike some, in-spite of all the many awards and accolades, she is still one of the humblest and most authentic person I know.

Colette and the Super Wings brand is a reminder to me of that quote...

You know you do need mentors, but in the end you just need to believe in yourself.
— Diana Ross
Super Wings, the best wings in Brooklyn
Super Wings makes for the perfect appetizers.

If you should ever drop into their Crown Heights restaurant, be sure to check out their delicious sides. I highly recommend the mango mint salad! Super Wings also makes for the perfect appetizers that will impress your guests and leave them craving for more.

images: Super Wings NY