Holiday Gift Guide Opportunity To Have Your Brand Featured


As a marketing, advertising and communications professional, I know it is any brand's or publicist's end-of-year wish to have their client's brand in holiday gift guides. Well, here is your chance! You can pitch your products and stories for a chance to be featured in our Holiday Gift Guide, as well as an editorial story.

Who do I write for?: I am a the editor-in-chief of this lifestyle blog (Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge) and creative director for Nicole Williams Collective LLC. I'm also a Huffington Post contributor, BlogHer social media influencer, and SheKnows Expert Among Us, as well as contribute to several other platforms and publications. I am also a member of a slew of networks which will bring additional exposure.


How to go about pitching me?

How far in advance do I require pitches and samples for gift guide consideration?: I prefer pitches for Christmas as early as October 10 and samples for consideration by November 15. However, I will take pitches and some samples 5 weeks in advance to give me time to properly experience products submitted for consideration.

What products are of interests to me?: I am interested in beauty, fashion, jewelry, lifestyle, fine dining, wine and spirits, gift items, tech, fitness, household items, electronics, kitchen tools, books, food, gift cards and toys for kids. Just about anything that is a great fit.

Do I require compensation (monetary or otherwise) for inclusion in my gift guides?: Yes and No.

NO: There are only 6 spots available for no-fee submissions, with the understanding that the product is only for consideration - if I love it I will include it. However, I do require a full non-returnable product (retail value $50 or more in whole or combination), as we only consider products we can touch, see, taste, read or personally experience. 

Have your product or brand included in our gift guide.

You can also have the option of increasing your exposure with inclusion in our gift guide giveaway, which you will be required to provide a product for the winner(s). Products are required 4 weeks prior to the holiday event, and prizes are delivered directly to the winner(s) within four weeks from the day their mailing info is sent.

YES: A compensation is required if all 6 spots above are filled and or you would like to be included without a product submission and assuming I can honestly endorse such product (contact for current rates). Please contact us to do a gift post independent of the holiday guide, as we also accept paid advertising or advertorial if the brand or company would like to promote or feature with a link to their website.

I also would appreciate you broadcasting posts and reviews via social media.

What holiday or seasons do I produce a gift guide for?: Usually Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Back to School and others if I find great products that fit.

Additional info to consider before sending products?: Products are only for consideration, unless there is a mutual agreement in advance - if I love it, then I will post.

Unless otherwise instructed, I will link to Amazon where products can be purchased. If not available on Amazon, I will link to appropriate product page. And all images must be of high resolution.

Please do not mail products without first contacting me. When pitching please use "Gift Guide Pitch" as your subject line.

I will be looking forward to reading your pitches.

If you would like to find out more about available options click here! Or Email me at if you have any questions.