Why You Need an Accountability Partner

If you are like me, you have plans to expand, conquer and take over the world... so I always have a lot going on. For those who know me personally they are probably wondering how do I keep up and keep track? I make lists! You may say, 'I do that too but some items either get pushed down the list or never actually get done at all.'  Well, this is where having someone to keep you accountable comes in.

An ACCOUNTABILITY partner is someone who you can check in with on a regular basis - to keep track of your goals and tasks, is a sounding board for your ideas and encourage you to reach your full potential. It is always great to know there is at least one person who is cheering you on... and the best thing about it is that the support is judgement free. If you don't already have an accountability partner, I strongly recommend it to anyone who is seeking to overcome the obstacles between vision and reality in order to move from conceptualization to action.

Despite my lists, it is having a community (you) that I engage with regularly that help binds me to my goals. I am not perfect and I am not where I would like to be... but I've learned that leadership is not about knowing everything but about providing an environment and atmosphere that promotes and supports growth. So to help keep me focused as I forge on, I surround myself with a few awesome women who help pull me towards my goals.

To help move yourself forward I suggest you do the same. Get a few people that you respect their opinions and is where you are looking to be, and who are willing to be there for you as a sounding board and support to foster your personal and professional growth.

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And remember, you are the OWNER!