The Psychology of PINK + Breast Cancer Awareness


  As you already know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancer in women, but thanks to technology, science and early detection millions of women are surviving. So let me take a moment to shout out those super survivors, and encourage those currently and actively fighting the disease.

Breast Cancer awareness is the reason the world sees the month of October in pink. That is of course unless you're a regular here, where pink is all year round. So, in honor of breast cancer awareness month we're going to talk color psychology, specifically the psychology of the color PINK.

Color has great psychological impact on people, their decisions and behavior. Hence the reason creatives like myself place so much emphasis on color psychology... and you will find that we harness this knowledge in the world of branding and marketing - AND YOU SHOULD TOO!


What do you think when you see the color pink?


The psychology of the pink: What do you think when you see the color pink?

Do you think feminine, soothing, love, romance, and delicate? Or do you think of the calming and warm effects of hope translated through the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness?

For me, pink in my branding represents the accelerating energy of motivation, passion and the confidence that I want my clients to connect with.

What effect does the color pink have on you?


Images: 1, 2. Graphic design by Nicole Williams