Look Good, See Better: Ophthalmic Glasses a Fashion Essential

Look Good, See Better: Ophthalmic Glasses a Fashion Essential


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by CLEAR VISION CENTER, and while I was compensated the opinions are all my own. According to the Vision Council of America, about 75% of adult wear glasses for vision correction, and about 11% wear contact lenses - which leaves 64% who wears eyeglasses. And judging from the wide variety of statement ophthalmic glasses on the market, it is clear that eyeglasses are no longer equated to being nerdy but as chic and stylish accessories. I remember there was a time that if you wanted a nice pair of ophthalmic glasses (especially when using your insurance) you had to dig really deep into your pocket to get a somewhat decent pair of frames.

Companies are realizing that people have the need to look cool while wearing prescription lenses, and are starting to capitalize on it economically. And what better avenue to influence the market but by way of the fashion magazines and runways where designer collections are accessorized with not sunglasses but ophthalmic  glasses. Ophthalmic glasses are becoming more fashion forward as designers are becoming more conscious of what it means for their brand in terms of visibility.

A stylish ophthalmic glasses from Prada Eyewear

With the increasing use of computers and smartphones, our deteriorating eyesight is no longer just a result of aging. That is especially so for myself who is a blogger, pr and marketing gal - I spend most of my time online creating content for my readers, brands, other publications, as well as managing social media for small business owners and creatives.

At Clear Vision Center, where I recently went for my [way over due] ophthalmic visit, they understand the need for quality ophthalmic glasses. So they offer a range of designer frames and styles at different price points, plus you also have the option of requesting a specific frame if they don't have it in store. Of course not only did I want to change my frame but also wanted that extra luxury of a pair of eye-wear that enhances my style. Based on the frame I selected, my out of pocket payment was only a difference of $40.

Stylish ophthalmic glasses from Polo Ralph Lauren Eyewear

So if you are in the Brooklyn, NY area and is looking for an eye center or optometrist for that matter, visit them at Clear Vision Center. They have been in business for over 10 years with 2 certified Optometrists and a certified Optician, accepting all insurances and unions.


 Images are copies of promotional images displayed in store.

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