Panda Update: Understanding and Surviving it


Google recently rolled out their new Panda Update (4.1 to be exact) which also have an algorithmic component. The result, many websites loosing major traffic. Which is exactly the point of the Panda Update - to target and block the indexing of low quality content websites, especially those with poor user engagement and keep them from ranking well. The Panda Update seems to be the trending topic, as sites that once ranked pretty high have taken a catastrophic dive in traffic and some are still plummeting. Affiliate sites and marketers are also getting crushed, as their pages either contain very thin content, no useful info, or is just a gateway to other sites which is exactly the kind of bamboo the Panda likes to feed on.

I am not sure how many of you reading this are experiencing the down side of the new Panda Update? What I do know is that Panda is causing very serious impact on many including my fellow bloggers. The good hews, there are a few things that can be done to minimize the damage and or recover from the update. Please keep in mind while I am not at all an IT gal; I am however a blogger, content creator, and a website owner.

Is your website a feeding ground for the might Panda Update?

So, as I was saying, to survive the Panda Update your first and only line of defense is to build a high quality website. The only way to do that is by doing not just one or few of the following, but by doing all of the following. Read on to see what steps to take in order to prevent Panda from taking up permanent residence.


Audit your website for bamboo

The first step I took was to start an audit of my sites checking for the signals (shown below) that would be an invitation to the mighty Panda, with the goal of cleaning up my site to boost credibility. If you are not objective enough of your own site, ask a neutral third party to give you feedback.

  • Duplicate content
  • User engagement
  • Poor SEO an high bounce rate
  • Broken links and excess cross linking
  • Low quality affiliate links, plus blurred lines between ads and content
  • Over optimized or low-quality doorway pages (landing pages, navigation pages, etc)
  • Stylistic, spelling, grammatical errors and poorly written content

Panda is asking - Have your website been naughty or nice?

How to survive the new Panda Update

So now that I have taken a honest and objective audit of my blog, the next step is to go through each post (starting from the oldest to the newest) and update using the criterias below. Yes, it will take some time but it will be time invested well.

  • Produce killer content that will be of interest to your audience and lead to improved user experience and engagement.
  • Write unique content to keep your website from being blacklisted. Does that mean you can't be inspired by someone else's content? No! It just means no coping and pasting content, but taking the time to add your creativity and spin.
  • Build authoritative clout, enough to create a social buzz that will extend trust to your links (tweets, shares, and bookmarks) related to your site.
  • Be selective and focus on high quality links and ads on your site, as well as ensuring they are clutter-free.
  • Enhance or remove key low quality doorway and landing pages on your website including updating your navigational bar.
  • Last but definitely not least, enhance and update your SEO

Leave a message below and let us know how the new Panda Update have affected you.