3 Fundamental Requirements for a Powerful Personal Brand


As I wrote in a previous article (The YOU Brand), branding is an imperative aspect of every business. But you should remember that besides the business or company the "YOU" brand is the most important brand you will ever own.  This used to be more so true for freelancers, solo-practitioners and entrepreneurs. However, it would behoove you to consider personal branding if you are the employee or the CEO. The more popular or recognized you are the more it will serve you, your career or business. A brand is an expression (a perception) in the minds of people. It can be a logo, a phrase or name... but the ultimate is your name.

If you are a sole practitioner, the brand as to be about you. If you intend to build a company to sell someday, the brand has to be about the company. — Alan Weiss, PHD

Branding is a clever concept and strategy that is built on consistency and repetition. So once you figure out your brand persona, you will want to be consistently repetitive in spreading the word.


Here are 3 fundamental requirements for building a powerful brand:

  1. Identify an existing market need, one you can create a solution for, and that you anticipate will make for a thriving business.
  2. Competency to create intellectual property and ideas that separates you from the competitors.
  3. The Passion to take risks, accept the inevitable rejections, constantly evolve and improve, and to become an enthusiastic ambassador for your own results.