Cultivating Your Personal Brand Style


A personal brand is synonymous with your reputation... It is the way people see you, whether it be an idea, a business, an organization or activity. Your brand image communicates who you are visually and non-verbally without a word being said. Personal branding is how you show up in the world; it is the alignment of your inner and outer qualities which culminates in a powerful celebration of your authentic self - your story, your purpose, and your passion. When I work with clients on either developing a look, a wedding, a brand, or even a resume the end result is always influenced by who they are and their personal style. Therefore it is imperative that you first have clarity on your personal style and how you want to translate that essence to the world.

Translate your personal brand style through decor and design


Personal Style and Brand Analysis

To identify your personal brand style means doing some self-reflection and analysis of your skills, gifts, abilities, values, strengths and even your weaknesses. The perception others form of you. What do they say when you are not in the room?

Clear through the clutter and determine who you are, what you want your brand to say, and use that to create a brand manifesto (which will help you stay on brand). Then take that a step further and highlight the three (3) words that best describes your essence.

Translating personal brand style for women through clothing

personal brand style for women through clothing


Your style aesthetic

First, determine what three (3) words describe the style aesthetic that will convey your brand's essence.  Then take an inventory of your closet. What colors do you see the most? What is the consistent theme? Which outfit is your power outfit? Why?

What are your home decor or furnishings like? Are they classy, modern, traditional, or chic? If money wasn't an issue, where would you shop for clothes or your furnishings?

Does the current colors and imagery in your environment align with the brand you want to convey? If not, then it is time to freshen up your brand style to reflect your essence.

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