Hootsuite Thinks I Am Awesome + Starbucks

Hootswag from Hootsuite It's always nice receiving gifts... and who doesn't like gifts? Outside of being able to work from home one of the other benefits of what I do, is receiving awesome perks. Hootsuite this week sent me some perks which included a Starbucks gift card, to say...

Hootsuite thinks I'm awesome

Hootsuite is one of several tools on my success tools list [click here to see what else is on that list]. Hootsuite helps me with my social media scheduling and management, enabling me to keep both my clients' and my own networks active and engaged without being glued to my computer. Now that's what you call #hoothelp!

So while I'm out meeting clients and striking deals today I will be using my Starbucks gift card to keep my thirst quenched with some Starbucks VIA Refreshers™.

Hope you have a fantastic Saturday!