Fabulously Refreshing: Homemade Fruit Infused Water


To my surprise I recently noticed my step-daughter not only drinking water (quite a surprise), but drinking it in a sassy and stylish way. I must admit, though water does have its many benefits... I typically don't drink as much water as I should because sometimes plain water is just straight boring. And it seems I am not the only one who think so, because infused water has become the new commercial trend... Just take a look on your grocery stores and super market shelves.

Over the weekend I decided to try my own DIY fruit infused water recipe, one that is not only homemade and hydrating but also healthy; as opposed to the commercial brands which are flavored with artificial sweeteners, chemicals and coloring. I call this one the "Orange Strawberry Peach Medley."

Try this DIY fruit infused water recipe, one that is not only homemade and hydrating but also healthy.

What you need

  • sliced halved oranges
  • halved strawberries
  • pitted and sliced peaches
  • fragrant basil leaves
  • water
  • water bottle or mason jar

What I did

I went out and got myself a 24 oz pop-top lid (BPA free) Ello water bottle that I could take on the go, some fresh fruits and water. Wash and cut fruits into small pieces, drop into bottle until about half full then drop a few basil leaves for an added touch. Let it sit for at least 2 hours then add ice to chill and serve. To ensure the flavors of the fruits properly fuse into the water, leave to sit over night.

Now this is H2O I can drink all time! A more flavorful way to drink water.

A more refreshing and flavorful way to drink H2O.

This also makes for a great option for the kiddos. Keep it fun by combining different choices of their favorite fruits, vegetables and herbs for refreshing flavor filled water selections.

Just a little something to freshen up your Monday and have you looking forward to new possibilities in the week ahead.