Are Your Fears Keeping You from Your Dreams?


Every Sunday I send out "My Weekly Newsletter" which is basically inspiration, success strategies, and blog posts updates straight to my subscriber's inbox. Each week I share specific concepts I am learning, have learned and is incorporating into my own life [personally and professionally] in hopes to inspire others to edit and create the lives they love. So today I would like to encourage you to DARE GREATLY? We are all chasing SUCCESS, right? But success is only relative to the place and time we are in... hence success is when you overcome forces that oppose you. Our biggest giant as human beings is FEAR (False Evidence of things Appearing Real), but if we make a conscious effort to go out and impact the world (dare greatly) rather than have the world impact us, then we'll be OK.

Success is relative to the place and time you are in

My biggest fear used to be that maybe I was not qualified enough to give people advice... that I would be a fraud... However, I have learned that leadership is not about knowing more, but about providing an environment and atmosphere that promotes and support growth.

Don't trust people to minister to you if they have not gone through anything. -Dale Bronner

The road to success is never a smooth straight drive, you will meet success enemies along the way (people, feelings, and emotions) hence we have to be resilient. To achieve success it takes focus, and focused people are intentional in everything they do. And duely so, because one of the biggest enemies of success is distractions - which comes in many forms. Most often they come as urgent, demanding your immediate attention, and if not careful you will spend you whole life being distracted.

Persistence is the only way to win in this game of life. Most of us want to be committed to the end result but not to the process. -A. R. Bernard

This sums it up best...

People are waiting for their fears to completely go away before they will go after their dreams. Scared of failure, scared of financial loss, scared of losing family and friends or scared of stepping into the unknown, they don't take advantage of all that's available to them. They simply won't take a chance. -Steve Harvey

What one thing will you choose to do persistently to show your commitment to your goals and dreams? Tell us in the comment section below.