7 Home Decor Tips for Moms with Toddlers


I remember those days when my home looked sparkling clean. Every piece of furniture placed exactly how and where I wanted it; with the living room coffee table nicely decorated. But that was of of course before my 19 month old toddler came along. Now my home has taken on a whole new transformation. I know you moms with toddlers know exactly what I'm talking about... your once so beautiful and organized home now a reincarnated day care. You can't put your feet anywhere without stepping on toys, crayon and marker writings all over your walls, and for some reason your kids seem to think your floor is their plate. As a mom who is dealing with this challenge, I have learned that the solution has to be somewhere in the middle. But fear not, because today I bring you some home decor tips for moms with toddlers.

Home decor tips for moms with toddlers

  • If your toddler is as active as mine, you will need to settle for comfortable, no fuss yet attractive decor style.
  • Opt for furniture that will withstand the little rascal's abuse. By experience vintage pieces are perfect due to the weathered look.
  • Purchase upholstery that are low-maintenance and in hues that will camouflage the inevitable spills and stains.
  • Your walls will take a beating from crayons, markers, and sticky fingers - so do opt for wipe-able paint. Try semigloss, eggshell or satin or just go with washable flat paint.
  • The invisible danger zone is anything below 45 inches, so safe guard your prized pieces and put away any dangerous items that fall below this line.
  • If you have bare floors, it is time to get some inexpensive yet beautiful area rugs, with rich patterns but in dark colors. Need a little cushion to ease their falls? Go for wool or wool blend rugs.
  • Be sure to leave ample space in rooms your toddler will frequent for play.

Bonus Tip: Tuck away toys and or clutter using savvy storage that is not only functional but stylish.

Family friendly decor choices for homes with kids

Who says just because you have a toddler running around, your home have to look like a day care!