Bridal Beauty: 10 Wedding Makeup Ideas and Tips

On the most photographed day of a bride's life she wants to look her best and feel perfect. She wants to be confident and sure she looks beautiful and flawless for her spotlight. Therefore, it is important that her makeup is on point. The thing is, most brides are usually apprehensive or worried that their makeup artist won't get the makeup right. If you are concerned about getting it right, then schedule a test run with your makeup artist so you can both make sure you are comfortable with the intended look. Just expect to pay a an average of $60 -$80 for your trial. Whether you plan on doing your own makeup or hiring a makeup artist, you will need to first decide on your beauty style - natural, bohemian, pin-up, dramatic, or iridescent. To come up with wedding makeup ideas, browse your favorite websites, bridal magazines, and Pinterest for looks that appeal to you. Just remember that your wedding makeup ideas are a point of reference for your makeup artist, as he or she will recreate the look to fit YOUR facial structure.

Here are 10 wedding makeup ideas... Steal one of these looks for your big day.

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  • If you plan on doing your makeup yourself, be sure to hire a makeup artist to teach you how to perfect the desired look for your special day.
  • The key to great bridal makeup is to look like yourself but a more glamorous you.
  • Remember, the the time of day (day time or evening) will also help to dictate the makeup style.

If you have yet to book your makeup artist for your big day, you may want to consider our hair and makeup team.


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