Style Cheat Sheet: How to Style Your Neckline

neckline style cheat sheet I've had a few clients ask me on several occasions about the most suitable type of necklaces to wear with the various necklines. So today I am posting a cheat sheet (I can't remember where I originally found it) but it should definitely help you style savvy ladies with the right necklace to accent your neckline without competing with each other.


Rule of thumb

Turtleneck: Can be pretty much worn with just about anything; however go for chunky, bold and or long strings of beads or pendants

Crew/Round: Go for necklaces that follows the shape of the neckline such as bibs, collars or chokers.

Scoop: You can wear any length necklaces but looks great with pieces with volume.

Strapless: Go delicate and simple - single strand, choker, and short pieces that accentuate the collarbone.

Square: Some people say avoid angular pieces but believe angular pendants works well. Also go for chokers and or shorter round pieces.

Off the shoulders: This style is much like cowl necklines, however asymmetric pieces works well.

Halter: Slim pendants, single or multiple strands that rest above the cleavage works great for this style.

V-neck: Opt for Princess necklace with pendants, V-shaped pendants and beads that fall below the neckline.

Collar: short pendants and chokers makes for the best look.

Boat: This style enhances your neckline so keep it simple with long pieces.

Cowl/Plunging: This type of style makes a statement of its own, so just go for some statement earrings.

Sweetheart: Pieces that lie on the chest - chunky necklaces, pendant and chains.

Embellished (not shown): The embellishments are decorative enough so just go solo.

Now go out and dazzle them!


image: anonymous

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