Fabulously Fearless™ : Whose Vagina Is It, Really?


I am stepping out on faith and start to really live my life by instinct by championing my passions and connect to my core calling. The calling to empower, inspire and excite! So this week is the start of a new series right here on the blog, "#FabulouslyFearless". This is with the hope of launching The Fabulously Fearless Society- a community of women slaying life's challenges when the threaten to overwhelm their dreams of achieving success. Being Fabulously Fearless™  is about passionate, determined and committed to following your dreams to live your purpose.

She is offers up invaluable relationship advice in her Street Hype Column "Real Talk with Sandy," and is the author of the controversial novel, "Whose Vagina Is It, Really?" - the dos and don't for every single and married gal and an instructive eye-opener for men.

Sandy Daley, the author of the controversial book, Whose Vagina Is It, Really?
Sandy Daley, the author of the controversial book, Whose Vagina Is It, Really?

Name: Sandy Daley

Age: Forty

Twitter: @whosevaginaisit

What is your gig?

I am a syndicated relationship columnist, actress, author and radio personality.

Tell us about the journey?

It began years ago in Jamaica as a young girl growing up in the islands. I acted in plays and wrote for the school paper. When I moved to Canada, I then acted in films and began writing. I had a column in New York's Street Hype Newspaper for years entitled "Real Talk with Sandy Daley", which was also voted as the most favorite column for the entire New York area. I then wrote my first book entitled, “Whose Vagina Is It, Really?" which became an instant hit with critics and readers alike. My column is now published in the U.S., Canada and also the Caribbean. I am currently working on the second edition to my first book and also "Whose Penis Is It, Really?”

Your best business or success tip?

Find your passion and success will automatically follow you. Only do things that you are passionate about.

One challenge you face/faced as a woman in entertainment?

Balancing family life and my career. As a mother of three, it is difficult at times to "have it all." It is a constant juggling act.

Whose Vagina is it really? - Whose Vagina is it really-book
Whose Vagina is it really? - Whose Vagina is it really-book

Your biggest lesson learned?

That I am more capable than what I thought. I can actually accomplish certain things if I only put my mind to it.

Your best networking tip?

Try not to "burn any bridges" as we say. You never know when you are going to need a helping hand.

Your career highlight?

My book "Whose Vagina Is It, Really? becoming an instant hit with the critics and everyone who read it.

Your favorite quote?

"Tis an old tale, and often told. But did my fate and wish agree, Ne'er had been read, in story old, Of maiden true betray'd for gold. That loved, or was avenged, like me!"- Sir Walter Scott

Your theme song?

"I'm every Woman"- Chaka Khan.

Your best productivity tip?

Work hard, even when no one is watching.

Sandy can't live without...

Favorite tech? Her Blackberry.

Power accessory? Her phone charger.

Beauty staples we would find in your bag? MAC Pro Full Coverage NW50, lip gloss, and mascara.

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