July 4th - Destination, Luna Park Coney Island, NY


Whooohoo, summer is in full swing and you're probably gearing up to celebrate the three day July 4th weekend. I know I am! That means cookouts, barbeques and fireworks! This weekend will be a much needed break from laser focused work. And even though I will be making sure to take photos for the blog, it will be leisure, leisure, and more leisure. As usual, the older girls already have their plans set, so that leaves hubby, baby and I.  Destination... Luna Park Coney Island by way of the "F" train! Hubby wants to check out the famous Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Contest, which would mark our first year attending. Yes we're going to watch grown men and women for 12 minutes stuff themselves with hot dogs, to see who can eat the most. Plus we haven't been there since the rebirth. Since the Luna Park was built, the first new amusement park built in Coney Island in over 40 years.rsz adsc01428

With credit to the Bloomberg administration, developers have been making an effort to revitalize Coney Island to its once historic glory. Coney Island also now feature several new additions including "The Thunderbolt" which was unveiled this year. A must on my Coney Island bucket list. Since the The Cyclone (the father of America's roller coaster and the Queen of Coney Island) was built in 1927, The Thunderbolt is the first custom built roller coaster ride.

The hubby is afraid of heights, so I'll expect to ride the Thunderbolt by myself - which really works out since we will have the little one with us.

And of course last but not least the fireworks!

I wish you all a happy 4th of July. Have fun, but remember to be safe!


What will you be doing for July 4th? Let us know in the comment box below.