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Being an mompreneur is not always easy, it can be challenging trying to figure out which ideas to pursue, constantly wondering if it's going to work, if you're taking on more than you can handle!!? You get excited about your ideas but then when it's time to implement that feeling of confusion overwhelms you. This is where building a support network of people who will pull you towards your goals comes in. I have been toying with this idea for a while now, finally my husband got really tired of me pitching it to him and dared me to just go for it! So here it is... The FB Forum - where you can soulfully strategize, rediscover themselves and their purpose, get empowered, and dream big.

"When you are living by instinct, then you will naturally enhance everything and everyone around you." - T.D. Jakes

I am so excited and yet so nervous at the same time! But here goes... Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge on FB is an online hub supporting,  inspiring and empowering women who are passionate, fierce, determined and have big dreams. Whether you're a busy momyoung professionalexecutiveroad warrior, or small business owner this is where you will get the resources, support, inspiration and empowerment to help bootstrap your career, business, and life. Looking for support, inspiration and empowerment? Then join us!



    Source and build relationships with an awesome network of like minded women

    • Embrace your gifts & passion
    • Expand your impact & income
    • Balance family & career
    • Tools & strategies
    • Create success in every area of your life

    Congratulations on taking a bold step towards your success!

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