Tips for Healthy and Attractive Skin


The sun's rays and elements of daily living can be very damaging to the skin, causing it to age prematurely, if not properly cared for.  Healthy, smooth skin is attractive and easy on the eyes, plus makeup looks fabulous on great skin.  So with summer finally here, skincare needs to be a vital part of your daily routine to ensure healthy and attractive skin. Acne is caused by a hormonal imbalance, overworked oil glands and the accumulation of dead skin cells combined with pollutants. Blackheads (comedones) are usually caused by the pores being clogged with dead skin cells. However you can help counteract  with regularly exfoliating, washing with warm water and cleanser to remove the oil, dirt, sweat, bacteria and dead cells. Warm water and steam loosens oil clogging the pores, hence helping to reduce blackheads.

While salicylic acid based products are great for acne prone skin, it is wise to identify one's skin type (oily, dry or combination) before selecting skincare products. Exfoliating at least once or twice per week will result in smooth skin, slows down wrinkles and aid skin turnover. The same is true for glycolic products.


Healthy and attractive skin need to be a lifestyle

To replenish and hydrate the skin, opt for a good rich moisturizer. And please remember the ever so forgotten sun block (at least SPF 30), which helps protect the skin from the sun's UV rays. And for my dark skin sistas, don't believe the misconception - dark skin do too need sun block!

What growing old with great skin care looks like


Skin conditions and acne are not restricted to the face,  as body acne is also prevalent. Healthy eating, exercise, lots of water and a generous amount of sleep impacts the skin positively. Regular showers are necessary due to frequent secretion and excretion of perspiration and body oils. to help balance the skin's tone and smoothness regular exfoliation is also required.

Eat to live by making healthy nutrition choices (more fruits, vegetables and less fast foods). One way of knowing if your body is getting enough water is if your urine is clear.  If not, drink up! Exercise not only keeps the body in shape and reduces stress, but also rejuvenates the skin and improves blood flow. For all the drinkers, smokers and second hand smokers - alcohol dries the skin while smoking starves the gum from nutrients.

I must admit! It is hard to stick with a strict skincare regimen but when adhered to, prevents skin conditions, slows down aging, and forges healthy glowing skin.  Take it from me squeezing fastens oil and bacteria deeper into the skin while picking causes scarring. A challenge it is, but it is wise to keep fingers off your face. I have also found that if I keep my nails short, I have nothing to pick at the face with.

The above tips are not over night fixes for skin conditions, but will however result in healthy glowing skin. But when all else fails the problem may be internal - then it's time to see your dermatologist or skincare professional for proper skin evaluation.