Summer Wedding Style


We are in the midst of the wedding season… And as the summer gets going you may have several weddings to attend.  Whether you are part of the wedding cavalry or just a guest on the list, you may want to put some thought into how you turn out so you can stand out without upstaging the bride.  As a wedding planner and a KR personal stylist I will share my expertise to help you stray away from the basic LBD (little-black-dress) and step up your style a bit while dressing appropriately for the event.

Key note to remember before we get started, the invitation is vital... as it lays the groundwork and gives you foresight on how you should dress for the wedding or any event for that matter.


For a formal request

If on the invitation the date and time is spelled out and reads like this “…the twenty-second of July, two thousand fourteen at six o’clock in the evening,” then long is your safest option.  When styling my clients who are attending formal affairs, the key is age and body type.

To achieve a more youthful look, opt for bright colors and glam up with sparkly accessories, think asymmetrical draping with sleeves if you are looking for a more conservative yet sophisticated look.

Summer Wedding Style - formal youthful wedding look

Summer Wedding Style -formal conservative and sophisticated wedding look


For a casual request

If on the invitation the date is written in numbers and reads like this “…July 22nd, 2014 at 6:00 pm,” then short or maxi dresses, as well as statement and trendy pieces are appropriate. This also works for beach weddings. The key is to go more casual than the traditional gown but done more tastefully to suit the event.

Opt for less structured short dresses, such as prints, lightweight chiffon in bright colors, or a one shoulder Grecian look - which will help you achieve a level of sophistication.  For a more youthful option, pair the trendy cropped top with a full-length skirt for some chic elegance.

Summer Wedding Style - casual short look

Summer Wedding Style - casual trendy wedding look

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