12 Must Have Productivity Tools For Entrepreneurs


Technology can be your best personal assistant, if you let it!

As a female entrepreneur with lots of demands on my time, I've had to learn to leverage time and technology in order to execute effectively. Whether you are a business owner or you work a nine-to-five, to be your most efficient self you must put systems, processes and softwares in place to get the most done in less time. Being productive and efficient is vital to any profession or job, so today I’m sharing with you some of the tools and resources that I use to help manage my business and accomplish my goals in less time. These 12 must have productivity tools tops the list by covering my baseline needs. They are my time saver side kicks that helps me organize both my personal and business life.

Top productivity tools to help me manage my business and life.

12 must have productivity tools

(Some of the tools listed may have affiliate links, however I use the products and proudly endorse them.)

HOOTSUITE - A social media management dashboard that helps to manage all your brand’s accounts in one place. Be sure to have a strategy in place or you’ll wonder where the time went.

LEGALZOOM.com - File your incorporation and LLC documents online without any hassle. The investment starts as low as $99 + state fees, and is worth every penny.

GETRESPONSE - An online email marketing solution to help you send emails and manage your contacts. It also gives reports for all campaigns sent, an the ability to setup landing pages. Use this link to get $30 credit.

A SMALL ORANGE - Fast, simple and affordable.  They have reliable hosting, makes it easy for you and has reliable support which is available 24/7.

GODADDY - Put your business online and start attracting new customers with the #1 domain registrar. Domain names start at $12 per year, so order yours today!

EVERNOTE - This application is a powerful suite that acts like a digital notebook and filing cabinet. It syncs between multiple devices (such as your computer, iPad and iPhone). Once you start using it, you will live and die by it.

DROPBOX - A cloud service that allows for easy storing and accessing of photos, documents, and videos.  The app makes for easy sharing of files regardless of size, and assist me greatly when I'm on the go.

SKYPE - A voice-over-IP service that allows you to make internet calls to phones, send instant messages, as well as video calls. You can buy Skype credits to make worldwide calls. This is basically how I communicate with my virtual assistant, as well as consult with clients.

INSIGHTLY - A CRM and project Management software that helps you track contacts, projects, opportunities, leads and proposals.

PAYPAL - An easy, simple and fast way to get paid, send money, and setup a shopping cart for your store.

WAVE ACCOUNTING - This online software will help you with your invoicing, accounting, and payroll.  With Receipts by Wave you can scan receipts by taking a photo using your smart phone.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS - If you have a website you will need this software to track your visitors and conversions to your site.

To get an extensive list of must have productivity tools and resources to pick and choose from, purchase a copy of my e-book "A MOMtrepreneur's Tips For Working Smarter: - actionable strategies to help you work smarter and be more effective."

Ebook - A Mom-trepreneur's guide to working smarter



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