Moving Made Easy By A WAHM


Running your own business from home is always a juggling act, especially when your business is multifaceted and you practically work with a baby on your lap.  My last few weeks have been even more intense.  But the good news (almost), I have finally transitioned to the new place, well at least temporarily - as hubby and I are working on something of our own.  Until then, we are taking the time to put all the necessary factors in order. On the down side, I have to do this again... moving is not a fun task but on the bright side I have learnt and tested a few key moving tips that will help make the next transition seamless and stress-free. Feel free to steal these tips to help make your move more organized and less chaotic while keeping your belongings in one piece.

Moving made easy by a WAHM: moving tips everyone can use.

  • Invest in some good masking and duct tape: These will be your most valued assets... We used the duct tape to secure boxes by taping the seams then further reinforced it by taping perpendicular to the seam. We also used masking tape to secure furniture drawers or doors in place, as well as across mirrors in a X shape, to help absorb shock.
  • Pack boxes with similar items and label by the room: This kind of packing will help keep you from having to search for everything and make unpacking less chaotic. For example, I packed all books from my home office in one box and labeled "Nicole's Office: books" and clothing from my closet in another box and labeled "Nicole's Closet: clothes."
  • Leave items in drawers and on hangers: Unless items are breakable or heavy use Press'n Seal to cover then tape to secure items in place, this will save time on having to repack drawer. By not removing the hangers you can just remove and hang.
  • Place essential items on top: Chances are you may not unpack everything in one day, but by placing your essential items at the top of each box and container, it will make for easy access.
  • Have a family or friend watch the kids: Children can be an interruption that will impede the moving process, but also for safety reasons it might be a great idea to ask someone to watch them while you pack.
  • In between the sheets: This is a good time to put those old sheets to use. Cover your mattress with the sheets (one on the front and one on the back) to protect from rips and dirt.
  • Safeguard smaller pieces: Tape small pieces or parts to the larger item. For example, we taped remote to the TV and screws to the item it belonged to.

For added ease, start packing at least a few weeks in advance. This will help you separate and get rid of anything you don't really need. You will also be relieved of the last minute stress and ensure you are all packed and ready when your friends or extra hand show up to help.

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