Wedding Advice: The Role of a Venue Manager, the Maitre'D, and the Day Of Coordinator


As a wedding planner and the preferred planner for the Princess Manor Catering Hall in Brooklyn, I find that many are confused about the role that a Venue Manager, the Maitre D' and the Day-Of-Coordinator (Event Planner) plays. Most of you will book the catering hall and think because the hall handles most if not all of your reception details, there's nothing else to worry about.  And that is where most of you run into situations that you would not want to be faced with on your wedding day.  So to help make the distinction between the Venue Manager, the Maitre d' and the Day-Of-Coordinator much clearer for those of you who are still trying to figure out the difference, here goes.

The Venue Manager

The Venue Manager is typically the person that toured the venue with you, review the contractual details, and sold you your package.  The manager usually supervises the many departments and staff that helps the venue to run smoothly.  Their job is to handle any issues that is facility and staff related. You will find on the wedding day the Venue Manager will then hand over the reins and details to the Maitre D'.

The difference between the day of coordinator and the maitre d'

The Maitre D'

The Maitre D' who is sometimes referred to as the Captain, is the conductor and manages his team to make sure all goes well on the catering side of the wedding. In essence he or she is the headwaiter who directs and maintains communication between the kitchen and the front for a more pleasurable dining experience. The Maitre d' assign tables and schedules to the wait staff, keeps the chef on time, and manages the meal flow.  This is the person who will manage and answer any meal related issues or questions for the guest; as well as ensure that the guest of honors are well fed. The Day-Of-Coordinator works with the Matire d' to ensure proper timing of event activities  to keep the schedule stress-free  (with the Maitre d' directing the venue staff and the Day-Of-Coordinator directing the wedding or event vendors).  In addition to the already stated responsibilities, the Maitre d' also assist with the in-house technical details (lighting control, slideshow management etc).

Please remember, if a Maitre d' goes outside the scope of these activities he or she is doing it out of pure courtesy.

Event planner

The Day-Of-Coordinator

The Day-Of-Coordinator who is often referred to as the "DOC," is the person who keeps the wedding or event as stress-free as possible ensuring that all emergencies or mishaps are taken cared of. He or she is a wedding or event planner hired to manage the day of, with the responsibility of being your point person, giving you a peace of mind knowing that everything will be seamlessly brought together. The DOC is the person who ensures that the VIP wishes are carried out and oversees everything from the ceremony to the reception, directs the vendors, answer the guests' questions, and make sure that all your concerns are tended to.

When I'm hired for Day-Of-Coordination, my services includes meeting with you a month prior to the wedding and or event, to understand your visions, meet and or confirm all arrangements with your vendors, and serve as your wedding concierge providing last minute  suggestions and recommendations. I also create your event timeline, assist with the program and the seating arrangements. I take the worry about logistics off your shoulders leaving you to enjoy and have a stress free day.

If a venue offers the above services, please keep in mind that they have included the charge , so they can pay a Day of Coordinator outsourced or in-house to handle such tasks.

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