Unleashing The Supernatural You


I’ve been trying to balance that, chasing after a 15 month old, staying ahead of a teenager, and being a wife while managing a multi-dimensional business. Whew, that just made me tired just typing it! My body and feet as we speak, are sore from running around all weekend hosting parties, meeting clients, and tackling the task of good old housecleaning to get the new place ready for moving in. Not that a woman’s task is ever done, but I wrapped up on Sunday in time to sink into the couch and cozy up to Oprah’s #LifeClass and #OprahPrime. As usual a session with Oprah always trigger nothing but thought provoking questions and answers, which have a uncanny way of revealing authenticity. There were a couple of nuggets that resonated this past Sunday. Bishop TD Jakes and Pharrell Williams, brought me back to Thursday's meeting with a prospective client, Mrs. Lydia Woodsen-Sloley, the author of The Supernatural Woman, and though I've yet to start reading the book, she inspired the thought of creating a Supernatural Lifestyle.

I started reflecting on all the things that helped to shape me, and realized that  a lot of them are universal. There are women struggling on a daily basis to manage their family while trying to pursue their passion.  They judge and measure themselves against those who make it look easy, but not knowing that the person they envy, may also  be struggling quietly while appearing as though they have it all together. L'Wren Scott is a sad reminder of what can happen.  Perhaps you question God because you stay obedient and work hard but you seem to only be barely getting by or not at all. And maybe your spirit is deflating because it feels like you are not making enough progress in life or business. And I confess, I've been their - I too have struggled and continue to struggle with managing family, being a good wife, being a good parent and running a business! But know that it is OK, you don't have to be perfect, you just have to be you.

The supernatural woman

Finding & Unleashing the Supernatural You

First of all, what does it mean to live a Supernatural Lifestyle? To me, living a supernatural life means that you are comfortable with being you (faults and all), you're  living in your passion, living in your God given authority, and choosing to overcome and not live in mediocrity. You live in clarity with a sense of heightened awareness and you do what makes you happy without limitations.

But how do you live a supernatural lifestyle when you're not the center of your own universe? Or when you seem to get lost in being super-busy and overwhelmed with taking care of everyone else but you? I say you first have to embrace the authentic you, develop a mentality that doesn't blame others, and give yourself permission to embrace your own uniqueness and strengths without comparing yourself to others. As Pharrell said "serve your own purpose and don't try to imitate someone else's," Bishop TD Jakes also said "if you live for others' approval you will die by their rejection."  To piggy back on Cindy Crawford's Lifeclass, take some ME time away from life and ask yourself the real questions and actually answer them. Ask yourself "WHO YOU ARE?" and "HOW YOU WILL BE THAT PERSON?" then go out and be intentional with executing that person daily.

Life is a lesson with a series of adjustments, so learn to live in the moment and give power to the good stuff. Take pressure off yourself by just being YOU, valuing yourself and only pursue things that resonate with you - your PASSION. What I've learn't from my experiences is that you have to be relentless with what's burning on the inside of you, be comfortable in your decisions, as everyone will not support your journey.  Surround yourself with like minded people who will lift you up, so that when the insecurities and doubts creep in, and they will, you'll have the strength of an army to overcome. As women we tend to get overwhelmed, we get mentally and physically exhausted, but just know it's OK to ask for help - designate and give up some of the responsibilities, so you can have more time to get closer to that happier healthier you - the supernatural you!

Cindy Crawford's 5 Questions to ask yourself

  1. What is your passion (where are you the happiest)?
  2. Where do you want to place your energy?
  3. Why not (what's the worst that can happen)?
  4. What do you need to hear (what would make you feel validated)?
  5. How will you feed my passion?

Live your truth believe it, feel it, exude it!

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